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Come out to experience the thrill of the competition and support our teams. High school sports are the perfect way for you to engage in our community and a wonderful way for teens to develop leadership, team, and strategizing skills. These dedicated athletes work hard to prepare their bodies and minds to achieve more and push harder. Your support makes us all better.

Blanket Varsity Girls Cross Country Team Takes District 19-A Championship

Message From our Athletics Director

Welcome to Blanket ISD!

Athletics is an important part of the educational process. Without athletics, students would not have the real idea of hardships. I believe we have a direct impact on the student/athlete. We are here to help mold and shape them into productive and successful people. We are building our future leaders. The athletic program shapes bodies, hearts, minds, and behavior. Athletics offer opportunities to learn fitness, proficiency, team commitment, respect for others, self-control, and how to deal with both success and failure. I believe that we are here to help train them and to help them build a bright future. We can achieve this through strong discipline, good character, and creating a positive learning environment. We also must be supportive in their failures as well. Life is an ongoing change of wins and losses, up and downs, but we all must stay the course. Athletics will help build a young man or woman and help them prepare themselves for life. Athletics helps build strong unity, trust, and teaches family values as well. It teaches responsibility, commitment, and accountability. It encourages them to be the best they can be, even through the hard times. As educators and coaches, it is our job to push everyone toward becoming their best academically and athletically. A quote from a great book states, “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it”. Proverbs 22:6 (KJV) I believe with our support we can help train the child in the way they should go. Being positive and supportive through it all is very important to our training. With the help from the school and the parents, I believe each student/athlete will have a positive experience through athletics.

Brent Williamson

Brent Williamson
Athletics Director
Blanket ISD


Our athletics program is sponsored and governed by the UIL, and we adhere to all standards and requirements. Learn more:

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Students may participate in both team and individual sports. If Blanket High School does not offer the desired program, students may participate on a partnering school’s team. We encourage every student with a desire to play and work hard to try out for our teams.

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