students in the gym with a staff member

Board of trustees

The Blanket ISD Board of Trustees oversees the management of the district’s schools. The board is the policy-making body within the district and has overall responsibility for the curriculum, school taxes, budget, employment of the superintendent and other professional staff, and facilities. The board has complete and final control over school matters within limits established by state and federal laws and regulations.

Meet Our Board Members

The board of trustees is comprised of seven officials elected to represent our community’s commitment to a strong educational program. Members serve without compensation for a three-year term.

Current board members include:

  • Beth Bowyer - President
  • Steve Schulze - Vice President
  • Autumn Hood - Secretary
  • Edwin Davis
  • James Richardson
  • Robert Rodgers
  • Scott Russell

Conflict Disclosure Statements

  • Coming soon.

Next Public Meeting Date

All regular board meetings are on the second Monday of each month at 6:30 p.m.

Next School Board Election Date

  • TBA